I love you.

Yup a total stranger loves you. Hold on, please hold on till this is done.

Though you might not see it now, you make the world a better and more unique place, simply by being in it!

The pain, struggle, and sinking feeling you are experiencing right now… is real, very real.

That’s the point, it’s real, you feel it. You are alive and here. You can feel it!

This to shall pass, you have not found your purpose yet. And you can’t if you leave us. We need you! There is something for you to add that we all desperately need!

I feel you, I’ve been there…now I’m here.

Please join me on our journey together, stay with us a little longer!

Love you!

-Travis Knowlton



Travis Knowlton LCSW

I'm a husband, father, veteran, and licensed clinical social worker that is here to enjoy and share!