Why I love zombies!

Travis Knowlton LCSW
2 min readNov 29, 2021

George a Romero is credited with creating the modern zombie. Originally being slow-moving, brain-eating corpses that rose from there Graves.

Now, there are still your typical slow brain eaters, but there are also the fast ones! They can run and jump with amazing abilities. Even more recently, there are films that have been shown to have enhanced cognitive abilities!

Sometimes, you turn quickly other times you transform into mindless blood-thirsty zombies over time; either way, you become void of life and feelings. abilities!

In their origin, they were meant to represent the fabrics of society. People aimlessly move around, being driven by this external unknown force that keeps them focused on one thing! Turning others into mindless, emotionless monsters.

That’s why I love them!

I get entertained by the sometimes cinematic greatness and not so greatness. Also, I get to make comparisons between each movie and what parts of society they are trying to get us to be aware of.


The one thing I allow myself to dive into and veg out! Zombies! The acting and storyline usually are not that good, but it’s entertaining. Sometimes, that is just what I need..


When I want I can really tear down the philosophies things like:

What do these types of zombies represent in society?

-Why are the non-sick making such decisions?

What is the message from this film or book that applies to our real-life now?

So you see! I love zombies! I know you can say the same for vampires, werewolves, and all the others, but I like these brain-eating, leg dragging, crackpots!

I am very curious about your take! Let me know?

-Travis Knowlton



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