Two acronyms to stay alive!

Travis Knowlton LCSW
2 min readNov 10, 2021

Quick and easy, memorize these till your blue in the face and you will make it!

1. Medical ( pmarchp)

P- patient of the x

-Whether that is you or your buddy, move off of the spot you got injured. This can help to provide cover and/or concealment for continued enemy fire or further exposure to the threat.

M-massive hemorrhaging

-Control the bleeding! The tourniquet is placed as high up as it can go, on single bone limbs. Never throat or abdominal. These areas get packed.. with gauze or your best improvisation.


-A nice clean and straight airway helps to insure passage for oxygen.


-Whether it’s a basic obstruction or you need to perform a needle thoracentesis get that respiration up!


-Check those pulses and check them often. Elevate legs if need be!

P-pain management

-Mechanical pain management before chemical. If possible situate a position that elevates pain but does not cause further injury. This is done because the medication can hinder or hide signs and symptoms that would indicate a worsening medical condition.

This article is for educational purposes only. Go and get proper certified medical training so you can learn these skills.

2. Survival (prwf)

P-protection( please)

-Build and or secure shelter as well as a weapon.

R-rescue( remember)

-Create a smoke fire. Done by putting live plants on an existing fire. Also, create an image out of non foliage color if possible.

W-water (whats)

-Find, secure, and evaluate downstream security. Filter and boil the water. ALWAYS!

F-fire ( first)

-Create and sustain fire.

Do not alter the progression of either of the two acronyms. The steps are in a proven order. based on the positive cascading effect they have on the next move because of the prior one.

These acronyms have been created and tested by the US specialists forces community.

That is it! Memorize and practice. These will get you through any situation.

-Travis Knowlton



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