To be a man

-The lonely road

Travis Knowlton LCSW
3 min readNov 11, 2023


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To provide, to protect, to serve, to shelter, to teach, to guide, to show forgiveness, to show humility.

A man does these things not for himself but for others. To do them effectively is to display courage, discipline and sacrifice.

It is a lonely existence, expelling all of these things, and yet there is no understanding and at times no appreciation, because it has become a normal and expected outcome of your existence.

Those around you have come to know these traits of you and see any alteration in them to be odd and at times a potential sign if weakness.

The unspoken struggle is that these traits are not always easy to uphold. The crumbling weight can bring a man to his knees and kick him when he is down.

without a change in facial expression or mood or tone of voice the battle silently rages within, while no one around is the wiser.

Most men live a life if quiet desperation

Fighting to uphold our family name while not reacting to the passage of familial trauma because if one does, he will continue that generational curse.

Lost in this cycle of how we project and hide the battle within, to be a man is a crumbling weight and quit litter kills us in the form of suicide, cardiovascular diseases and a barrage of other health issues that cause us to die earlier than our female counterparts.

It is an honor to be the one that must uphold these truths, to fight the most intense war; the war within. One Might not win ever battle everyday but the honor, pride and grace we must give ourselves is how we continue to move forward and be the strength and the light the world so desperately is requiring.

As women has the sacred gift to create and sustain life. we as men are given the gift to protect and shelter life.

Do not view this as a burden but an honor bestowed on you. You are not giving anything to which you can not overcome.

To be a man is to To provide, to protect, to serve, to shelter, to teach, to guide, to show forgiveness, to show humility.

To be a man is to go to war with yourself and be victorious for our daughters look to us for what kind of man she will attract and our sons to show them what kind of man to become.

We rise every day with a sense of humility pride and dedication so that those around us can have peace of mind.

Our peace of mind arises not from being protected but from providing such protection. So stand tall at the wall of your family, and take peace knowing they sleep well because you know what it takes……to be a man.

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