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Travis Knowlton LCSW
2 min readJun 12, 2024
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I have lived in or spent significant time in connecticut,virgina,chicago,california,texas, and Afghanistan .

The places thst have taught me the most about how we are meant to live are texas and Afghanistan.

I know when you read thst you must be thinking I’m crazy and there is absolutely no connection between the two,give me some time to explain.

I grew up in connecticut,moved to virgina,more specifically virginal beach on a Wimb with my ex-wife and when I enlisted in the navy I intentionally picked califona because I knew the combat deployment schedule and knew they were next.

Deploying to Afghanistan as a corpman woth the marine course shattered my world view and allowed me to see the world for what it is and not through those american rose tinted glasses.


The world is way more violent than I thought.

Civilians are ignorant to this fact because our government intentionally lies and spreads propaganda.

We have not fought a war for freedom in a really long time.

To some these might seem to big now,but when they hit me,my worlds was rocked and shattered.

Rebuilding was a monumental task,but it was done.


Leaving california with my second wife and out three kids was a moment thst felt like escaping a burning building and never looking back.

Arriving in texas I was apprehensive because my license plates have me away and I feared the judgment.

What I got was “ we don’t like california,but we judge you on your character more than anything else”

Immediately making my think of MLK JR. Again, my world was blown open, and I began to think with an Evan broader perspective.


Being exposed to a culture thet literally looked and lived ad though it was still the biblical times and how they lived of the land.

Moving to Texas and feelings true freedom and encouragement to be self reliant I have come to the realization.

We are not meant to live in concrete jungles. We need to be in nature,connect with animals and the source of our food. Build communities that are based on values,ethics, and a solid moral compass.

The comradery of texas is similar to what I experienced and felt serving with the marines. The desire to be self-reliant is exciting and scary. The beauty of nature and the rawness of mother nature can never be felt in a city.

It is far too apparent that many who read this will not connect,appreciate it, and understand what I am discussing here,to that I say ,it’s because you have been disconnected too long.

Connect with nature and find your primal self! This is where you will find yourself and your spiritual self!

Travis knowlton LCSW



Travis Knowlton LCSW

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