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Travis Knowlton LCSW
3 min readOct 24, 2021

Given the whole of society, Psychotherapists hold a unique position.

We are keepers of secrets and insecurities, and yet we help you expose them to yourself.

We develop a relationship to which you feel no judgment, yet we encourage you to be your own critic.

We help you see yourself for the beautiful, smart, and amazing warrior you and, and teach you how to wield it.

We establish the most secure relationship you might have ever had, and then we discharge you to recreate it again out in the world.

And all of this is done in a typically boring strike office

That room or office in which therapy is conducted can be a magical place.

But is that magic unique to that one space?

The deliberate use of the therapeutic relationship to assist someone in building themselves to a height they once thought was impossible, or using the therapeutic third space(vibe) to develop insight are a few of the unique qualities that a psychotherapist uses to teach the client to teach themselves they are amazing and can accomplish amazing physical and mental feats.

These skills are but the basics that are used within a therapy session. But how do we use such a vast variety of skills in tools in an ever-changing world we live in.

We now have telehealth, text therapy, and A.I therapy and an increase of in-home private psychotherapy.

how do these new and emerging spaces impact the quality of therapy is a major concern, it has made it easier to access your therapist anywhere you or they may be, but at what cost?

There does not need to be a cost, there can actually be a benefit.

-Acknowledging the person's strength of being able to adapt to the new medium.

-Bringing the ever-changing environment into acknowledgment.

-Creating the safe space, not within four walls but within your mind, that is mobile.

These seem to be mundane but let’s explore.

Acknowledging strength

Expressing the honest strengths of a client can go help to start the relationship off with honesty and…



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