The pursuit of happiness Is pointless.

Travis Knowlton LCSW
4 min readOct 2, 2021

Are you working towards a grand image of your life in your mind? an image that shows all the great things you will have, the people, and the status?

That is all superficial and will not leave you fulfilled at the end of the day or the end of your life.

There is a movie titled “ The pursuit of happiness” which is stars will smith and is an amazing movie. The message that was portrayed was profound. The title, on the other hand, can’t say I agree with it too much.

However, here’s why, The more you pursue something you will naturally come suffering you will ensue, these barriers will test your focus and challenge your view of what you want. Essentially changing your metric ( what you measure yourself or your goal against). The chasing of an image or prefabricated environment with material things in it is and can be attractive, but those imaged are just that, images.

DONT CHASE AN IMAGE!, Chase a feeling. Feelings are deep-seated and are connected to the deepest part of your psyche.

This is your calibration tool. Measure your accomplishments against the feeling of who you want to be.

How you feel now, is what you measure against. Measuring yourself against yourself. That is how you prevail in the midst of doubt and betrayal.

Working with clients in my therapy practice, there are several times where they imagine this perfect image of themselves in the future. The perfect partner, a house,2.5 kids, great careers, and the yearly trip to Disney. Now, I know it may come across as I'm being facetious but, there are many many times that I hear this exact quote in my office.

As they go through life, the unexpected happens and they seem to always be just shy of their goals. Breaking them down to the bare, void-filled vulnerable self, that they do not know how to contend with.

This is because the pursuit of happiness is in itself suffering, suffering without insight will be an endless cycle of disappointment.

We must not pursue happiness but create it within!

Notice, I did not say find it within, I said to create it within.

Travis Knowlton LCSW

I'm a husband, father, veteran, and licensed clinical social worker that is here to enjoy and share!