The most powerful institution

Travis Knowlton
6 min readOct 20, 2021


The family is the most influential, dependent critical, and glanderous institution we have to which we unknowingly rely upon for the future creation of our later selves.

We live in the fastest-growing, technological society that the human race has ever seen or experienced. With this being the case we need to have mechanisms to which we can resort that will keep us connected to our core Morales and principles that our social contract was once so dependent on.

These repetitive reestablishments with our morale and virtuous ideals we were able to pass on and keep lite the continuous flame that kept us in tranquility with the concept of being true to ourselves self.

Teaching simple things such as reading writing and manners of all things to pass on are being shunned to the back burner because there are too many distractions for the parents. And there has become an inability to have the self-control to release oneself from the constructs of narcissism and the lack of personal self-esteem. Being so the children pay the ultimate price as well as the rest of society.

With the birth of the internet, the world is no longer this vast plane to which we need lots of money and resources that only a few individuals have to travel this massive landscape, to the contrary the deepest most secluded people and places and be reached with the click of a mouse. This obviously goes for any type of information that one seeks. Connect that with our economy. Trading across all countries and governments constantly changing the type and value and dependency of their currency the person at the bottom of the cycle feels just as much burden. Changes in gas prices, highs ad lows with any type of basic necessity can keep a person in constant turmoil over the fear of what might come next, but the sad and fascinating fact is that when given too many complex issues to try and sort and figure out on a daily basis people say f*** it! And then place their anxieties upon any and all forms of entertainment. This is in no form a bash on the masses of people but simply an observation and that humans are creatures of adaptation and will find a way to adapt in any way shape or form even if it's in a self-destructive manner. Such as feeding self insecurities with others such as ignoring family because the…

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