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Travis Knowlton
4 min readOct 27, 2021

Of servitude

Servitude to others is pitched as this self-sacrificing act that is continuous throughout your unwilling ability to give to yourself.

Respectfully I disagree. Compassion to which the cornerstone to careers and paths of servitude are paved I’d say are a selfless and selfish act. Helping others makes me feel driven, alive and reflective, which in turn creates an atmosphere and environment in which others feel inspired and driven themselves.

So by that definition, we do not, leave our cups empty. Now we might not fill them as often or maintain the fillable as much as others in other fields but…… I would argue the density of the fill is much more in ours.

I say that because the story I’m about to tell is all about one comment and how it redirects your thoughts.

A few weeks back, on a Tuesday at 2:30 pm , I just completed my third child protective services report. “What the fuck!” was my only thought That consumed my mind.

A few days later I decide to take an outside approach with one of my male 12-year-old clients lay out on the couch and appearing to be using my phone. At the end of the session he said”Travis,I have conversations with you that I believe I would have with my dad if I knew him”

The deep-seated sadness for that young boy hurts, and at the same time to get blessed with a momentary fragment of his time to give peace, is so humbling I could be satisfied with my life it was my last breath. ( no exaggeration)

Sitting with a family that the CPS calls resulted in an investigator at his family's house. He is visually angered and barely holding back his red-faced, squelched fists anger that continuously is moving around his lap.

Professionally I am keeping the confidentiality of his children and maintaining a cool calm and collective approach so that the session can end with a calmer demeanor than it began. Internally,I have a lot of worry and compassion for the kids.

Upon completion, the parents leave the room and I am with teenage siblings who can no longer hold back their tears and fanatically express their tangential thoughts and worry they will not have a place to vent and feel safe.

Travis Knowlton

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