The education of our families

Travis Knowlton
6 min readOct 20, 2021

“All learning has an emotional base.”

― Plato

“Children learn what they live” (Gatto, less school, 68) can be looked upon as simply as a cliché…….., or a quote that must take on a monumental focus from those of us that so dearly love the family unit and the strength that it brings all of us, additionally caring about the quality and impact our education upon not only our immediate family but the family to which we call our culture. Building off this theme, John Taylor Gatto unravels the truth behind how our educational system is formulated and designed to only produce individuals that impartially contribute to the larger picture, giving up only what the network of people want and leaving the rest of oneself to wither away as the frost left behind on a warm sunny spring day.

Be it that the network can be any group of individuals with a common goal or idea. Be it a job (doctors, lawyers legal team), a group of employees forming a petition to create better work standards, or even the whole scope of the military, asking for all of you to be contributed but when looked upon in the third person, the individual leaves with certain parts of their individual torn and tattered and all the other parts are simply left to fend for themselves.( the reason for so many soldiers mental health deterioration) All of these areas of high qualifying and intense networking appear to be doing some good, maybe even a lot of good, not only for the “ purpose” that they are formed but possibly the individual as well. It is believed that by networking you can know and do more………… but how is the efficacy rate of these networks and the individuals contained within them.

On page 49 Gatto explains how on the surface networks appear to be doing good, they truly allow for very specific types of pleasure. Comparing networks’ to families it is presented that there is nothing like the cohesion of a family and our society puts these networks subliminally but intentionally into the same category as the greatest institution within any society the” family” and they are not anywhere near the same type of entity nor feed or define the same expression. A family gives us love, a bond, honest truthful life lessons and most of all……… they accept the whole of us…. The good, the bad, and the ugly of us. Families…

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