The call for violence!?

Travis Knowlton LCSW
2 min readNov 1, 2021

Both political parties at some point have called for or are currently attempting to raise arms against the “establishment” or members from the “other’ political camp.


Fear is the mechanism that is used to insight this call for action. Not sure if it's the evolution of society, the natural course a democracy takes, the intellectual and emotional intelligence of the societal members, or if it’s the work of a nefarious government.

Either way, look to those that know true violence. The active duty who have been deployed to combat zone and/or we veterans who have seen absolute violence in combat.

We tend to stay out of these conversations, we are a bit hesitant to encourage that type of rhetoric.

When you know absolute violence and what it does to an individual and a society you know one can not simply walk away from it unscathed or mentally torn. it changes you, it creates a sense that you can turn the sympathy and empathy switch off at will. this is not something that a majority of society needs to have.

When encouraging violence, the individuals who know this extreme will only act when absolutely pushed to that limit. No matter what political side they are on, once activated it will not be positive for society.

change the direction, if we need a governmental overhaul, let's do it, but by other means and more productive means.

we might not be at the height of our potential, but at one time we were, we were moving in the direction of positive influence. let's get back to that, let's keep moving in the direction of inspiration, not insurrection.

-Travis Knowlton



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