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Travis Knowlton
9 min readOct 20, 2021

Bathroom inclusion

There are several problems that impact schools all across America, there are suicides, teen pregnancies, bullying, academic failures, and most importantly discrimination. Discrimination is the leading cause of transgender youth dropping out of school, victims of bullying, high depression, and anxiety rates, which all together lead to transgender students feeling unsafe and uncomfortable in schools. There is a huge problem that has been identified as negatively impacting schools all across America, this problem is transgender students actively trying to be accepted to use the bathroom their sexual orientation identifies with. So you have to ask, Does a policy or bill exist nationwide on the issue of bathroom access for transgender students? Yes, in several states but in other states the pursuit has ended. This has made it much more difficult for transgender students to access the restroom they are more comfortable in. (Tate, Henney, Tompkins & McMiller 2016)
A provision of this policy was specified to educational facilities, suggesting separate accommodations should be made available to transgender students. Due to safety precautions that were put in place to protect transgender students, while using the bathroom they felt more comfortable utilizing it. Reportedly more than 20% of transgender students have reported hate crimes against them once finding out they are transgender. Hate crimes are very dangerous and transgenders are a very vulnerable population, causing a negative school experience for these students. This negative school experience may not only hinder a transgender student’s academic achievement and growth but may also interfere with their long-term health and well-being. According to the statics in the anti-transgender bathroom bill, 75% of transgender students feel unsafe at school, 63% avoid using the bathroom at school or public places, and 41% have attempted suicide. (Wang, Solomon, Durso, McBride, & Cahill 2017) To avoid unsafe conditions many transgender students have also drunk less, hold their urine more frequently developing a urinary tract infection or other kidney-related medical issues, in their quest to skip the public facilities. “On the surface, the argument is about bathrooms, but at a deeper level it is about whether or not transgender students will be included in our public education system.” (Glum 2017) If transgender students…

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