Premeditated Malorum .

Julia Kadel-Unsplash

"Premeditated malum“ ”is a Latin phrase that translates to "premeditated evil."

Premeditated malum refers to the planning and execution of harm or wrongdoing. It is a legal concept often used in criminal cases to refer to the deliberate intent to commit a crime.

In philosophy, premeditated malum raises questions about the nature of moral responsibility and the role of intention in ethical decision-making. It suggests that individuals who act with premeditated malum are more guilty than those who act impulsively or without premeditation.

Premeditated malum can also be seen as a warning against the dangers of rationalizing or justifying immoral behavior. It highlights the importance of ethical reflection and self-examination in avoiding harmful actions and promoting the well-being of oneself and others.

Could you try applying this to your daily life and observe the impact?

-Travis Knowlton



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