Peace of mind is created, not found

Travis Knowlton LCSW
2 min readNov 18, 2023

for it is the journey within that reveals your enlightenment

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Superficial and materialistic are the way of our culture and the way to being relevant. It's also the way to being shallow and not liking who you have come to the end of your life and are contemplating your decisions and relationships.

Bronnie Ware conducted a study in an Australian hospital in the palliative care area. Asking people about their life and their regrets as they were at the end of theirs. Wishing to have spent more time with family, saying I love you, and being more attentive were the responses they got. Do you want to say, “Gee, I'm glad I did,” upon the exhale of your last breath, or will you say, “Man, I wish I had,” and pass with all those ghosts of potential around die with you?

If these questions bring you pause, good, focus on that, and from now on, act as though tomorrow is your last day.

Peace of mind is found in the moment's joy, as with purpose. Loving the noise and chaos of a home with three kids, a dog and a blaring television is hard ( I battle with it myself), but we must pause and allow the goosebumps of joy to fill our hearts and souls because that is what life is for.

You can meditate, do zen, and become a mindfulness expert, but if you don't enjoy the moment, what good is it?

It is so complex and challenging to stop the racing mind and break free of the endless chatter of life; that is why we must. The more complicated the journey, the more rewarding it is.

Give yourself grace and take a moment to reflect on how beautiful the traffic, the sky, and the chaos are, and embrace life for joy and purpose.

Travis Knowlton



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