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Travis Knowlton LCSW
3 min readAug 8, 2019

Guns, education, and willingness to be open

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By: Travis Knowlton

I preface this article with the notion that this is in no way, shape, or form a concrete set of ideas, but instead a set of ideas to keep the conversation going and hopefully lead to some real action.

Why can't we treat these mass shootings like we do when an individual expresses ideologies of self-harm or intent of injury upon another? When an individual comes to us with these ideologies, we do a few things:

Safety: We remove any objects that the individual might use to harm themselves or others; we do this while staying with the person to ensure their safety.

Professional help: Called upon, arrives, and assesses the situation, then the decision will be made to set forth a plan for the individual moving forward.

Education: For the person with these harmful ideologies and continued training for those that have a connection to the person or potential connection to a similar circumstance.

Are you saying remove all guns?

I would love to say yes, but I know that is impossible. Can we do a national turn-in? Can we halt gun sales? Can we restrict who and what kinds of weapons are sold? These questions I leave to be debated and contemplated over.


We need to create Public service announcements that teach and allow persons unaware of what to do and how to help to have a safe space to learn and digest this info. Teach the warning signs of suicide, train on how to look for characteristics of becoming radicalized. The resources to obtain help are out there. We just need to make them well known.

Within the high-tech world, we are in a (PSA) can be made cheaply and quickly.

So we covered guns and education. This last section is highly alarming.




Travis Knowlton LCSW

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