Emotional support means more than any other support.

Travis Knowlton LCSW
3 min readJun 11, 2024

The state of the world encourages us to support those we love and care for. Viewing the world's problems through the sociopolitical spectrum, we see that things would not be as hard if people got their finances in order.

When I speak of the financial crisis, I am speaking from a macro and micro perspective. We have this resentment that states money can't buy happiness, but then we buy stuff in pursuit of that euphoric feeling.

We fear the world we have given and left for our children is in shambles, and we can only hope to shelter them from it.

But shelter will only provide blindness. We must forgo our instincts to shelter and instead build warriors.

Warriors in the sense of self-preservation. This comes in many forms. The typical learning is to fight, build, and forge for oneself.

Given our society, though, we are not lucky, nor is the answer clear-cut.

The building blocks of resilience

We should teach those we care for to be resourceful. Not knowing where the answer to a problem might be but having the wherewithal to see multiple uses for objects and perspectives is critical to being resourceful.



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