Desire to dream…

Travis Knowlton LCSW
2 min readApr 10, 2022
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Eager to rest. The day was long, the drive was abundant and the mind is all but spent. The longing to rest my eyes has arrived and I couldn’t be more willing.

The wallowing into sleep is not from the day of work, it is the submitting to bliss, a world of comfort and solace. This world drives the one I must awake to upon the rise of the morning sun.

Here love is the divine, we reunite with ourselves and one another. We are driven by the unity of all and summoned by the call of divinity within our souls.

Although I would love for this world and the one I must walk in to unite, it helps me to appreciate those nights and those dreams, for it is my purpose to do this work.

When nudged off this path I fall to despair, seeking only to run back to my dreams. The realization that my work is not enough, I seek not the dreams for inspiration but to seclude.

Here is where the place I once knew has now become a speck of light in the world that was once illuminated.

Awaken to a new day, distraught and weathered I can but only hold my dreams to action for a brief moment.

I fall prey to my diversion into the dark abyss. I don’t see the dream, I don’t see the enlightenment.

I am but alone in my own prison.

The walls are grey and damp. The sound of silence fills the room.

I exhale to let the only motion of breath fill the room.

There is no penance, I am alone.

Upon my knees, the demons cluttering around.

The stoic look of battle. the war begins to appear. My face showing no emotion.

The demons taking all they can and leave but an empty shell. The screams fill the air, with no one to hear.

I feel my hands grip the throat of a demon. Tightening the grip with the force to remove life, I recognize the soul in his eyes. unable to show fear I collide with the demon, we unite and the befriending of my suppression becomes one.

Becomes me.

The call to unity grows through the night. I have returned to Enlightenment, a deeper sense of servitude, and a focus that had not been felt before.

I awaken to the sunrise and pursue the path of unity, uniting my dream with the world to which I must walk.

I seek only to visit the demon again.

-Travis Knowlton

Travis Knowlton LCSW

I'm a husband, father, veteran, and licensed clinical social worker that is here to enjoy and share!