Travis Knowlton LCSW
3 min readSep 26, 2021


Daily affirmations

The science, the impact, and the practice

They are cliche and they feel awkward saying them…

Affirmations are the building blocks of our self-esteem. Becoming parents, being a teacher or a coach we are told and feel driven by giving words of confidence to those we lead. Your smart, great job, no one is better than you!

Giving these encouraging words feels great! But what impact are they really having? Honestly not as much as we hope or would like.

self-esteem ( positive attitude towards ourselves)and self-efficacy ( the belief we have the ability to accomplish a task) are built more through the daily things we tell ourselves about ourselves and the moments we do something extraordinary or compassionate and someone notices, and we thought we were alone, are the moments that build the foundation for who you are and who you can become.

These are those deep-seated heartfelt moments that we see ourselves for who we are and who we truly can be!

When we practice gratitude, like helping someone or giving that heartfelt compliment. Our brains and bodies release a surge of reward neurotransmitters giving us that uplifting feeling.

The brain thinks in pictures and placing yourself in an image that is powerful, uplifting, and compassionate creates a whole other world that your mind will soon not only visit momentarily but will settle down and plant roots, this becomes your new view of self and the world.

Viewing yourself through this new world your brain does not truly understand the difference between imagination and reality, it is the constant battle of what others say about you and what you say about yourself. whichever has the most entries is the winner, keep that in focus! you are and can be your best self!

Now affirmations are exactly that, the continual creation of a separate world to which you intentionally visit and eventually move to! With more intentional thoughts you have more directive actions and behaviors towards your desires or ambitions. Even knowing and being aware of the information shared here does not dampen or hinder this amazing process!

I grew up with my dad having me repeat every night 3 times: I like myself, i am a good person” that helped me overcome so many…



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