Control your mind, control your world

Travis Knowlton LCSW
1 min readNov 16, 2021
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Effective thinking …

Evaluate emotional response

Did something you just heard or saw piss you off! Good! Now evaluate why? Does it go against your belief or view of the world?

Why? Where did you get that thought from? Us there’s really that bad or wrong?

Are you not capable of entertaining an idea without adopting it?

Check for cracks, accept what you don’t know.

Not the cracks in what you saw or heard! The cracks in your own view! Can it be modified or enhanced? Then start the process of growth.

Evaluate the source

Sometimes the source that produced said irritation, is not valid but, your source might be biased too! Look for their biases, can they mitigate them, do they express them with a sense of awareness. Well, it may be a legitimate source.

Let it simmer

Cool your jets! Sit on it for a while, let the thought simmer, and see what you get out of it. Most of the time out the initial gut reaction is a little too exaggerated and we need to recalibrate.

The main point here: don’t just evaluate the “other” apply the same scrutiny to yourself and your views.



-Travis Knowlton

Travis Knowlton LCSW

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