Be a little uncivilized

Travis Knowlton LCSW
1 min readMay 30, 2024
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On the surface society is wonderful.

No matter what happens,it finds a way to ounce back.

We have so much comfort and solace that we can forgo our primal insticts.

This is dangerous,it makes us complacent and fat,both mentally and physically.

No matter how great a societal structure is there is always something missing.

whether that be some type of welfare state,militaristic defense,or financial stability,there is a missing construct.

This is where and why one must be,and stay uncivilized.

We must have a primal drive to install these aspects to which are missing.

To go against the normal aspects of society it takes more than logic, planning or financial contributions.

GRIT, and BRUT FORCE is how things change and grow to full potential.

One must know and strive to be articualte,physically dangerous and able to sustain oneself and those we care for.

YES,TO BE DIRECT,I do mean mastering your primitive traits and exercise them on a regular basis!

Tribes,communities and cultures have always and will fall to their own perversions. Societies,communities and families always flourish and thrive back to stability because of those that tend to their primal self.


Travis knowlton LCSW



Travis Knowlton LCSW

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