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Travis Knowlton LCSW
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Growing up, my dad would have me repeat, " I like myself, I am a good person” three times in a row.

.. even though I was a troublemaker maker, getting into trouble for fighting or disrupting the educational process. The teachers and staff would say I would not make much of myself, but I still had his voice in my head.. As I grew, it became my voice. To this day, when faced with adversity, that voice arises and sees me through the challenge.

The mind is the most powerful muscle in the body. What you tell it, it believes. When you talk about yourself to yourself in the most agreeable manner or even with little sarcasm or disregarding tone, it takes that as a dire thing, and thus, you think and believe less of yourself.

The converse is just as true; the more you say positive, the more you believe it. This process of talking to yourself is a direct link to your subconscious self.

If you have a low view of yourself, try this experiment. I want you to repeat “ I like myself, I am a good person” 10 times. Carefully pay attention to the thoughts and emotions that arise. In my private practice as a psychotherapist, I have found anecdotal that most people are quick to dismiss and minimize this exercise…. that! is a hint you have touched on the part of your psyche that is threatened by this, threatened because it goes against your previously engrained self-narrative.

It is important to remember that for self-improvement, “ The obstacle is the way.” Allow the emotions to be experienced and continue to work through them by simply repeating them to yourself.

This practice has been heavily researched, and the fantastic thing is that knowing how it works does not affect the impact at all. So, as you go forward, keep in mind that if you want to make your own affirmations, they are stated in the present tense and are not an excuse or justification, nor do they leave room for a cop-out.

Here are a few examples:

-I am intelligent and beautiful.

-Nothing is impossible

-The best thing to do is to inspire other people.

Take these or make your own; just remember to treat yourself like someone you are responsible for!

Travis Knowlton LCSW



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