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Travis Knowlton
2 min readNov 2, 2021

Therapist Bio

Originally from Wallingford, Connecticut. I enlisted in the United States Navy as a Fleet Force corpsman in 2007. Being stationed at 32nd street Naval Base San Diego and finally at Camp Pendleton in Oceanside California. I was forward-deployed to Helmand Province Afghanistan with the United States marine corps H.I.M.A.R.S. Battalion.

Having my first child born while in Afghanistan, I decided to pursue a career in the civilian sector. Leaning into the love for helping my Marines with medical and psychological challenges I pursued my educational goal.

My bachelor’s in Sociology is from Cal State San Marcos and my graduate degree, M.S.W. is from the University of Southern California (GO TROJANS!)

Consulting in TVUSD, The implementation of the Role model program. The conclusion concluded the program to be a proven system, encouraging family unity and building emotional intelligence in children and their families. Working throughout San Diego County and Inland Empire assisting families and individuals uncover the best versions of themselves and being their own mental warrior for life’s adventures.

My job is to make myself obsolete! Existentialism is how we find the deep meaning to not only our struggle and suffering but to life. Exploring the root cause of our challenges I work alongside you, in the deep dark trenches of your stress, pain, and or trauma to come out victorious with a new sense of self and the value you always had!

Somatic psychotherapy is my approach. Connecting thoughts and feelings to real-life bodily sensations and using the science of polyvagal to merge the gap between the body and mind.

“If our body is aware the mind will follow”

When I’m not helping others, I am spending time with my beautiful family camping, having game nights with friends, or just relaxing and enjoying family time. Writing articles/ books and reading are my moments of self-care. The approach I hold during therapy is the approach I hold towards life. Give it your all and never stop growing!

I look forward to meeting and working with you!

-Travis Knowlton

Travis Knowlton

I'm a husband, father, veteran, and psychotherapists that is here to enjoy and share!