3 Myths I don’t believe

Travis Knowlton
2 min readNov 15, 2021
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Neither should you.

1. Reach out if you need anything.

We say this to friends, family, and co-workers when we want to appear to be offering help or assistance. Our intentions are pure and compassionate.

The problem comes down to the person being offered the potential assistance must ask for it, and asking for it is just what they won't.

I don't just offer that option for inquiring about assistance, but I also will call, text, or contact the person with genuine expressive concern for their well-being.

2. I only work as Hard as the client

Fellow Psychotherapist say this a lot, “only work as hard as your client”

No, Some people do not have enough self-awareness or insight to know what level they must work at, how hard to work, or if work is even required.

I will work to build my clients into their own mental warriors. showing them what self-awareness looks like, how to build insight. This will allow them to see themselves as valuable and worth fighting for.

Even then, when they see what work needs to be done, I still don't have this perspective, for we might have different definitions of work, and it is not for me to project my definition onto them.

3. Some people are just born bad

Whatever god you believe in, we come from the same one. I do not believe in any scripture that states or suggests we are born evil or a sinner. that is a man-made construct to control.

There is no evidence from genetics, epigenetics, or neuroscience that proves being born bad. It is more nurture than nature. Your environment and experiences depict your neuro-biological functioning.

Bad environment=adaptable behavior and personality traits

Good environment = Adaptable behavior and personality traits.

NOTE: good and bad are extremely subjective.

These 3 myths are erroneous to me and all they do is hold people back and make them believe their potential is limited.

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-Travis Knowlton

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